Saturday, August 16, 2014

Considering Abortion or Already Had One?

Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your children might live. Deuteronomy 30:19
If you're pregnant and considering abortion, I have one response - DON'T DO IT.  It's not a blob of tissue, that's a life, a baby, that you're carrying. There are other options besides abortion, including adoption or letting a family member care for the child. Can't afford to have a baby? Pregnancy centers can help with referrals to get diapers and clothes. Your state can help you get Medicaid to cover medical costs.
For help call
CareNet at 1-800-345-HELP
Already had an abortion? There is healing for broken hearts and lives after abortion, through the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. His work at the cross of Calvary removes all shame, bitterness, self hatred and sin, if we only believe and receive Him in our hearts.
For help call
The National Helpline for Abortion Recovery 1-866-482-LIFE
Don't ever rush to make important decisions. Pray. Ask for help. You may feel alone, but you ARE NOT.

Father, I pray that You reveal yourself to Your children. You are a good Father and I pray that You help Your children to be a good parent as well. Help all to choose LIFE. Impart wisdom. Lead. Guide. In Jesus' name, amen.